Your business deserves the best. A virtual receptionist does more than just handle calls; we do everything an in-person receptionist does, besides, well, being there in-person. From scheduling appointments to screening telemarketers, our comprehensive suite of services is sure to boost your business’ bottom line. 

Answering Calls

We make sure your calls get answered promptly, and by a real person. We’ll have a detailed discussion with you about how you want calls to be answered, what information to prioritize, what questions to ask, and more. We’ll always stay in touch with you to ensure that we can change our methodology if you need us to.

Sales and Outbound Calls

Our work extends beyond simply answering the phone – we’ll make important calls for you, freeing up your valuable time. From appointment reminders to sales call follow-ups, we can ensure that the first contact isn’t the last contact. The customizability of our virtual reception service means you can schedule outbound calls through us for almost any reason imaginable – give us the details, and we’ll make the calls.

Call Screening & Forwarding

Time is money, and every minute you spend handling unsolicited calls from telemarketers is wasted. Our call screening means you’ll never get an unwanted call again. Our call forwarding means that you won’t have to transfer calls to other members of your team – we’ll do that work for you. When a call must get through to you right away, we’ll get it to you. No more time wasted on calls you didn’t need to take.

Call Overflow

Losing customers because you’re too busy with other customers is one of the worst things an entrepreneur can experience – it’s like money blown out of your wallet by the wind. When you set up call answering services with us, we can take all of your overflow so you never have to experience that feeling again.

Call Notes

We don’t just answer calls – we take detailed notes. Remember that one very enthusiastic student who jotted down everything the teacher said, then categorized the information with different coloured highlighters? That’s us. We’ll make sure you get all the relevant information from the call sent via email or text.

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling appointments takes time, and your expertise is best used elsewhere. Our services can be fully integrated with your scheduling software, so when a customer calls to book an appointment, we’ll check your availability, find a time slot that works for you, and book it in your calendar.


Voicemail Box

Our telephone answering services are here for you during your business hours of operation. When you’re away for a well-deserved rest, calls will be forwarded to our voicemail box. We’ll check through the voicemails, make outbound calls when needed, and send you detailed notes the rest of the time.